Visuospatial attention scores

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(MNI152 2mm space registered, and .nii.gz format accepted)

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Score Prediction
bit_coc None
bit_ltot_miss None
bit_rtot_miss None
bit_tot_miss None
mes_coc None
mes_l_miss None
mes_r_miss None
mes_tot_miss None
pos_acc_avg None
pos_acc_disengage None
pos_acc_li None
pos_acc_lv None
pos_acc_ri None
pos_acc_rv None
pos_acc_validity None
pos_acc_vf None
pos_rt_avg None
pos_rt_disengage None
pos_rt_li None
pos_rt_lv None
pos_rt_ri None
pos_rt_rv None
pos_rt_validity None
pos_rt_vf None
pos_sub_avg None
pos_sub_disengage None
pos_sub_li None
pos_sub_lv None
pos_sub_ri None
pos_sub_rv None
pos_sub_validity None
pos_sub_vf None
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